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Sept 7th 2013 
Musician Curtis Lee Putman joins Dads and Moms of Michigan to raise awareness of parental alienation 

Kalamazoo, Mich. – Singer and songwriter Curtis Lee Putman is joining Dads and Moms of Michigan to raise awareness of parental rights struggles in the state.
Dads and Moms of Michigan is a non-profit organization providing information and resources to parents who want to remain actively involved in the lives of their minor children both during and after a divorce.
Putman is a Kalamazoo native and currently one of the top-charting indie country and blues artists in the nation. More importantly, he is a dad to two daughters.
He truly believes in Dads and Moms’ motto, “Kids need both parents.”
“When my older daughter was born, my dad said to me, ‘Son, you’re not living for yourself anymore,’” Putman recalls. “I’ve never heard truer words. But I found that being a dad not only meant a lot of responsibility, but joy. Nothing has been more rewarding.”
Unfortunately, since the births of his daughters, Putman has had to fight for his right to be a dad. 
“Being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me,” Putman said. “It is also led to an unnecessary and costly legal battle that has at times been weighted against me by the court system. Worse, it has damaged my relationship with my girls.”
Putman knows that he’s not the only west Michigan parent whose had this experience. He’s seen it with his friends, fellow musicians and fans.
Putman is especially interested in the topic of parental alienation, the turning of a child against one parent by another parent. Recently, parental alienation has been recognized as a form of emotional child abuse.
An article on the website pychologytoday.com recently described it this way:
“Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and interfere with a child's relationship with his or her other parent. This often but not always happens when parents are engaged in a contested custody battle. There is no one definitive set of behaviors that constitute parental alienation but research with both parents and children has revealed a core set of alienation strategies, including bad-mouthing the other parent, limiting contact with that parent, erasing the other parent from the life and mind of the child (forbidding discussion and pictures of the other parent), forcing the child to reject the other parent, creating the impression that the other parent is dangerous, forcing the child to choose, and belittling and limiting contact with the extended family of the targeted parent.”
John Langlois, president of Dads and Moms of Michigan, said his organization is dedicated to bettering the lives of children in bi-nuclear families, including those in parental alienation situations.
“When parents are facing parental alienation, we provide the information and support that is necessary to help the co-parents act in the best interest of their children,” said Langlois. “DMM in turn asks its member parents to help with raising awareness and with providing support to co-parents who are earlier in the process. DMM looks forward to working with Curtis Lee Putman as he works to improve his children’s bi-nuclear environment and help to raise the awareness of the harm parental alienation causes children.”
Said Putman: “There are a lot of really good moms and dads in Southwest Michigan whose kids need them and want to be with them. But the other parent is making that impossible.
“Just because parents divorce, that doesn’t mean one should lose time with their children. It’s cruel to the parent, and more importantly, it is devastating to the children.”
For more information about Dads and Moms of Michigan, visit www.dadsandmomsofmichigan.org/.
For more information about Curtis Lee Putman, visit www.curtisleeputman.com.

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 Curtis Lee was live on the second half of Jeff's Album revew JAR Radio on
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